Innovation Management

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improve how you manage new ideas  
Course overview
  • 90% of businesses want to improve how they innovate because innovation is critical to business growth.
  • In this program you'll learn the people-centered approach to innovation management.
  • You'll have access to learning activities, templates, canvases, maps, videos, a workbook and other tools. 
  • You'll learn the process of generating and managing the good ideas through to successful implementation and measurement. 
  • This is a practical course.
Lesson series

What's included?

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  • different ways of generating ideas 
  • capture ideas well
  • new ways of prioritizing ideas 
  • new ways of road mapping ideas 
  • ways to improve implementation of ideas 
  • to lead with your imagination, not your memory 

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  • 10 chapters 
  • Videos 
  • Innovation Management Framework
  • Innovation Management guides & tools
  • Templates & Roadmaps 
  • Instructional videos 
  • Learning Activities  


What our learners say

Leadingrowth is the best online learning experience I found so far. I was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities.
Neil Moss 
Leadingrowth provide practical examples, templates, and guidelines. Hats off the best experience. I highly recommend Leadingrowth.
Walter White
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