Empathy Map basics

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  • Level: Basic 
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With the data you have, create your own empathy map
Course overview
Learn how to take the data you already have and create an empathy map.   An empathy map is a visual communication page that shows your understanding of human viewpoint(s).     Get started with the basics.  Impress your stakeholders. Show them you care.  Show them you can create a powerful one page map that conveys to them the key meaningful information about "your customer" or "your user" or "your digital visitor" or another human of interest.

This Leadingrowth mini course covers the basics. It is a great way to get started with empathy maps.  We show you a structured way to develop an empathy map.  We cover the key questions asked about empathy maps. Learn today. Start empathy mapping today. Communicate with influence. 

We provide you with the basics to get you started with empathy mapping. You get  a template. You get 5 videos including a video to show you how to use your template. You get a roadmap to show you the empathy mapping steps. The roadmap, the template and the video work together to help you get started.  You can start empathy mapping straight away.  We show you how.  Watch the videos first so you know what data to gather to get you started. You probably already have the data.  Gather your data in a structured way and create your own empathy map.  Empathy maps are useful in decision making. Be a key person of influence.  Empathy maps help decision makers understand more about the people they are making decisions about, whether the people are your customers, your users, your digital visitors, your team, your section, your suppliers or your preferred clients. Lead in growth with a human first approach. 

What's included?

  • 5 videos
  • 2 templates
  • 2 roadmaps
  • 1 infographic  

Improve your influence 

You've got the data. Turn it into usable information. Influence your stakeholders. Keep it simple. We show you a simple way to structure your data.  We talk you through places where you can get your data. You probably already have the data, we show you how to use it effectively by creating an empathy map. 

Influence your stakeholders as you share with them meaningful information about your target audience. We provide you with a template. We show you other empathy map templates and encourage you to create your own. 

Empathy mapping 

Empathy mapping is a useful tool to use in the second phase of the 4DLX-GROW Design Thinking Framework.  Empathy mapping is one of the 100 design thinking tools we teach at Leadingrowth.  In this course, we support leaders and influencers by teaching and empowering them to use simple, yet effective tools to convey their message. Don't make it complicated. Keep it simple. Be powerful in your communications. Use empathy mapping.
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