Discovery steps 

  • Level: Introductory
  • 2-4hrs p/w x 4weeks 
  • Author: Dr Karen W Miller
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Course overview
Often underused, yet the most powerful tool in your business growth arsenal, Discovery steps can help you to find new opportunities. Once the power of discovery is understood it is often a go to tool. Discovery steps is a great place to start when you feel uncertain, or when you need to make the tough decisions. Discovery steps you through the first stage in the 4D Design Thinking Framework. Discovery steps is a powerhouse when used effectively in decision making, innovation or developing growth strategies. 

At Leadingrowth, we are excited to share the Discovery steps course with you.  This is because leaders who have taken this course have shared their next levelling stories about the changes in their teams and in their businesses.  We want to hear your stories when you implement Discovery steps and Design Thinking to grow your business.  

What's included?

  • 4 Modules, 1 per week
  • 1 Certification
  • weekly videos
  • weekly learning activities
  • workbooks to guide you
  • templates to assist you with implementation 
  • end of Module review questions to test your learning 

Use Discovery 

You will learn various ways to discover "what is really going on".  Hear and see different perspectives.  Learn points of views different to your own.  Each week build on your learning from the previous week.  Unlock the powerhouse of discovery.  As you become more competent you will find Discovery is your "go to tool" when you feel uncertain or have to make the big decisions.  Discovery will assist you with gaining insights and giving you perspective. 

Certificate of Completion 

On completing the course, inclusive of the learning activities and quizzes you will receive a Certificate of Completion, which you can share with your colleagues and on social media platforms.

Dr Karen W Miller (PhD)

Growth Champion I Design Thinker I Researcher I Author I Academic I
About Karen 
Assisting businesses with growth strategies for over twenty years, Karen has been using Design Thinking since 2008. She has a tool box of over 100 ways to research complex problems and teach teams to come up with innovative ideas.  Karen has a PhD (Management) and for 17 years has taught PhD students, Masters, MBA and undergraduate students across 3 world ranked Universities.  Karen uses her skills in  research, strategic management, marketing and entrepreneurship to guide leaders with a range of growth strategies and tactics. 
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